054w: Theory of Riemann Surfaces: Methods and Applications


Andrey Bogatyrev, Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics
Petr Grinevich, Steklov Institute of Mathematics & Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics


11 November 2024 - 15 November 2024


The topic of the conference is the effective use of function theory on Riemann surfaces and their families in specific applications.

The theory of Riemann surfaces today is located at the intersection of several mathematical disciplines: complex analysis, topology, geometry (algebraic, complex and hyperbolic) and number theory.

Despite its venerable age this subject area continues to develop rapidly which can be explained by its numerous applications. These applications appear in the most unexpected places, including mathematics itself, classical mechanics, theoretical physics, engineering, cryptography. Our goal is to bring together experts in the theory of Riemann surfaces and the theory of moduli spaces with specialists in scientific computing. The exchange of knowledge should inform geometers about the possibilities of modern computing and numerical analysts about current problems in the theory of Riemann surfaces that are available for experimental study.