026w: Computational Methods and Mathematical Modelling in Geophysical and Biomedical Sciences


Yuri Vasilevsky, Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics of RAS


10 October 2022 - 14 October 2022


The workshop focuses on the mathematical challenges and computational modelling in geophysics (subsurface flows, environmental problems, and other challenges in Earth sciences) and biomedicine (blood flows in the heart, arteries and microcirculatory networks, interactions of blood flow with the surrounding elastic tissues, bioengineering problems). The resulting research topics encompass several traditional mathematical fields such as mathematical fluid mechanics, nonlinear PDEs, fluid-structure interaction models, numerical analysis and computational mathematics, as well as emerging research topics such  as multi-physics simulations. The workshop brings together experts and early career researchers across disciplines to report on the progress, assess critically the current state of the art and discuss open problems.

The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to share their vision of future directions in the field of mathematical modelling. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the proposed topic, it provides an excellent opportunity to early career researchers to be enthused and nurtured.