021w: Quasilinear Equations, Inverse Problems and their Applications


Roman Novikov, Ecole Polytechnique

Alexander Shananin, MIPT

Konstantin Konkov, MIPT


22 August 2022 - 26 August 2022


The conference is devoted to inverse problems and mathematical models in mechanics, geophysics, medicine, economy, and ecology.

The mathematical problems to be discussed at the conference originate from

- different types of tomography (i.e. acoustic tomography, tomography using the elementary particles, electromagnetic tomography),

- inverse problems and integrability,

- analysing wave motion, and in particular shock wave dynamics.

During the conference the latest achievements in the fields of quasilinear equations and inverse problems will be discussed, as well as their feasible applications in medicine, geophysics, nanophysics, economical dynamics and transport flow modelling, disperse media physics, etc.