Call for Proposals 2024


The call is closed.

Proposals are invited for organizing events at the Sirius Mathematics Center in 2024 (application form, in Russian). Deadline for applications is October 29, 2023. After that the Scientific Council of the Center will meet to form a scientific program for 2024.

Conferences, schools and working group meetings in Sirius are held to discuss new results, new ideas and should stimulate scientific activity, work on new papers, the formation of new teams and research groups, inclusion of students in contemporary research. When evaluating applications, the Scientific Council gives an advantage to:

  • specialized topics at the forefront of science;
  • events incuding sessions for discussing current scientific problems, open problem sessions;
  • events with the notable participation of researchers from the various regions, as well as young scientists;
  • events with special/practical sessions for young participants.

An important criterion in evaluating the application will be the amount of outside funding for sipporting the participants.

The conference or school is organized jointly by the Center and a group of researchers whose application was supported. In case of financial participation of other organizations , they can will be listed as co-organizers.


The duration of a conference is 5 days, usually from Monday to Friday. During a conference, the Center provides:

  • a conference hall, and if necessary, 1 or 2 more rooms for group work and discussions, equipped with boards, projectors and screens.
  • accommodation for no more than 40 participants invited by the organizers, and travel for key speakers and young participants. The budget of the center can afford to pay for only a limited number of tickets.
  • coffee breaks during the working days of the conference.
  • visa support for foreign participants.

The conference program is compiled by external organizers. We advise to include in the program 1 or 2 survey lectures on the topic and program of the conference for full inclusion of all participants.


The duration of a school is from 5 to 10 days with lectures and classes by 2-4 leading scientists and their assistants. The goal is to train talented students, postgraduates and young scientists in actively developing fields of mathematical sciences, as well as to create conditions for establishing personal and professional ties between them. To this end, the Center intends to invite students and postgraduates from different countries to participate. During a school, the Center provides:

  • a conference hall, and if necessary, 1 or 2 more rooms for group work and discussions, equipped with boards, projectors and screens.
  • accommodation and travel (economy class) for no more than 30 students.
  • travel (economy class), accommodation and modest remuneration for lecturers and assistants.
  • visa support for foreign participants.

The selection of participants is carried out jointly with the lecturers according to pre-agreed criteria.


The goal of working group meetings is to start, continue or finish work on a joint project or paper. It is assumed that the group will consist of 2-5 people and will spend in Sirius up to 4 weeks. Obviously, not all group members should be from the same city.

For a working group the Center provides:

  • visa support for foreign participants.
  • accommodation (except for the summer period).

A paper or other results of the work at the Center will have to indicate the support from the Sirius Mathematics Center.