Conferences in the Center are usually devoted to discussions of new results, methods, and approaches in active fields of mathematical sciences.
A conference is organized jointly by the Center and a group of researchers whose application was supported by the Scientific Board of the center. The organizers may attract financial support from other organizations and institutions, in which case they are also considered organizers.

A conference lasts 5 days from Monday to Friday, participants usually arrive on Sunday and leave on Friday evening or Saturday. The program of the event is compiled by organizers; those wishing to participate in the conference with a talk should contact them. Nevertheless, all lectures and discussions are open to everyone. Please contact us in advance if you wish to visit us.

During a conference, the Center provides

A conference room, and if necessary, 1-2 more rooms for group work and discussions, equipped with boards, projectors, and screens.
Travel (economy class) and accommodation, including 2 meals a day, for no more than 40 participants recommended by the organizers. The center's budget allows you to pay for only a limited number of transcontinental flights.
1-2 coffee breaks during the working days of the conference, as well as a welcome buffet for all participants.
Visa support for all foreign participants.

The organizers of the conference are invited to include in the program 1 or 2 overview lectures on the topic of the event intended for the broad mathematical community, as well as, by agreement, to give a popular science lecture or take part in an informal meeting with students of schools and other educational institutions of Sirius Federal Territory and Sochi.

The Center may invite up to 20 students and postgraduates of Russian educational and scientific institutions to participate in a conference as listeners. The selection of listeners is carried out in close cooperation with the organizers, e.g. on the basis of candidates' CVs and recommendation/motivation letters.