015w: Probabilistic Techniques in Analysis: Spaces of Holomorphic Functions


Yuri Belov, Saint Petersburg State University

Vladimir Peller, Saint Petersburg State University

Nicola Arcozzi, University of Bologna

Anton Baranov, Saint Petersburg State University


06 December 2021 - 10 December 2021


Delta Sirius Hotel, '3E' Conference Hall

Zoom ID: 443 726 1792


The aim of this conference is to discuss recent achievements in two trending and rapidly developing topics. The first one concerns new approaches to classical spaces of analytic functions in the disc, plane, polydisc, and other domains. Particular attention is given to Hardy, Dirichlet, and Fock spaces. The talks are grouped around different tools and techniques for analyzing these spaces --- probabilistic methods, multiparametric potential theory, and discrete models of corresponding harmonic and Sobolev spaces.
The second group of topics revolves around random processes and quantum computing, and their mutual connections. More specifically, Gaussian processes are being realized as an instrument in machine learning to estimate uncertainty. On the other hand, quantum computing has many uses for applications in machine learning, for example, to boost the computing power or sample complicated probabilistic distributions.
This event is committed to encouraging the participation of young researchers and experts in respective fields to present recent developments and discuss problems arising at the intersection of disciplines.
There is limited availability of support by Sirius University of Science and Technology, including travel and half-board lodging expenses. We advise you to contact the organizers at smc@sochisirius.ru or Prof. Yurii Belov  j_b_juri_belov@mail.ru.

All the participants must have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate.