024w: Dynamical Systems of Classical and Celestial Mechanics


19 September 2022 - 23 September 2022


We plan to discuss the current state, trends and recent results in the field of dynamical systems theory and its applications to classical and celestial mechanics, statistical physics and other related fields.

The program of the conference covers the following areas of mathematical activity, inspired by the problems of classical and celestial mechanics: the search for integrable models, the development of perturbation techniques for studying systems that are close to integrable, the investigation of dynamical chaos and some aspects of kinetic theory. We intend to deal with both the consideration of general concepts and the analysis of specific problems.

As a broader outreach effort, we aim at promoting this knowledge among young researchers and graduate students, and at involving them into this lines of research.

The conference will be held in hybrid format (on-site and online).


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