020w: Computational Mathematics and Applications


Evgeny Tyrtyshnikov, Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics of RAS

Yuri Vasilevsky, Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics of RAS


Division of Moscow Center of Fundamental and Applied Mathematics in Marchuk Institute


01 August 2022 - 05 August 2022


Information technologies permeate our lives and form a new technological way of life. Computational and applied mathematics form the foundation of information technology,  they are inextricably linked with data processing and mathematical modeling. The conference "Computational Mathematics and Applications" gathers experts and young researchers to exchange the latest achievements of fundamental science (methods for numerical solution of mathematical problems, new algorithms and new computer architectures), successes in the development of computing technologies, solutions to urgent problems of computer science, geophysics, biomechanics based on mathematical modeling. Among the participants we expect members of the Russian Academy of Sciences, employees of scientific institutes, teachers of leading universities of the country, students and postgraduates.